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Week 6: I See Double Digits! Results

A nice 10 spot takes hold of the first place slot this week. And that's even with a 6-day week. Two people were able to take hold of the first place spot as well, joining the 112 people who participated this week. And the overall list grew since 10 new players joined our ranks (And unfortunately for me, it also included those who fit themselves in the top and bottom of my list...)

Nonetheless, here are your top 5:

[Rockin' Out]
2 3 2 2 x 1 10
[Greek Lettering]
2 3 2 2 1 0 10
Stirrups 2 0 1 2 3 1 9
8 tied at...

And as usual, if you're not Stirrups, and want to know where you stand for the week, hit the jump to see that (and full cumulative results!)

Don't Forget To Make Your Picks For the NEXT GAME Below!!  

Hello. Looks like you made it safely. Without further ado, see the rest of the results for the week HERE .

And as for the cumulative results, find your place among the now 178 people long list of HH members! The battle for first has heated up even further. bc56274 still keeps his stranglehold with the lead, but the lead has dwindled down... Will he hold the crown for another week? Or will someone finally get past him!!

Check it out here .

Good luck to those out there sitll in school and dealing with finals. I know I'll need it!