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In Mike Scioscia We Trust

When a team is winning, it can be hard to argue that adjustments need to be made. And yet, Angels manager Mike “The Soth” Scioscia regularly tinkers with lineups and positions, under the guise of giving a deep team its needed at-bats.

Is there an area where Soth should tinker more?

More Napoli? At the expense of Mathis playing time or of a resting outfielder’s DH time.

More Willits? Tell that to Arte paying Gary Matthews-Stoneman $10 million.

Waiting on Howie and Figgy to lead us to the promised-land? It is a long season – will back-to-back 0-fers by either player lead you to holler for their benching?

DFA Quinlan? Note Robb’s playing time was microscoping when Figgy, Howie and Izzy were healthy. He is pretty much an in-game insurance policy at that point.

More Rivera ABs? See Willits above.

More Kendry Morales? Not with a healthy Kotchman as well as 6 competent and/or overpaid outfielders vying for the rotating DH.

All it is going to take is back-to-back 0-fers by Aybar for an Izturis Mob to demand more playing time for the ultimate role-player.

Oh, and then there is the pitching: What would life be like had we brought up Nick Green instead of Nick Adenhart? Stop it with the What-Ifs... we are in first place.

DFA Bootcheck? With Moseley’s arrival, this could happen, but you’re gambling on Arredondo for sure, then.

It is not checkers, it is a human chess the Soth must manage.

Re-Sign Frankie? Arte has vollied, but the future is always uncertain, this could be the last season in baseball for all we know what with global warming and/or nuclear somethings blowing up out there depending on your political persuasion; it must be done NOW and The Soth is doing it.

We hope.