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Blue Jays Game 1 Roll Call

A Fantastic Turnout over 2 threads.

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I was driving home from watching the Salt Lake Bees get it handed to them in a day game by the Fresno Grizzlies 6-2 this afternoon. The Bees all looked hungover and Brandon Wood's pregame Red-Bull did not do us any good. I snapped a few pics, here is one:


Kendry Morales is #17, Wood is #8. i can see why Stephen Smith bithces about not being allowed closer to the field to shoot the team, but the way they played today, wow, you wanted to get far far away from this bunch. Kendry Morales in RF was okay as far as catching balls hit right to him, but he has no range instinct, no dive intellect and absolutely no cannon at all as an arm.

We listened to this afternoon's Angel game on 1230 AM Bakersfield and were at the apex of the Grapevine, Physioc fading out when Frankie got strike 3 to finish things. Fresno is 4+ hours from L.A., making it the closest PCL park to So Cal, although the Grapevine is as treacherous as ever. The Fresno Park is quite awesome, light years ahead of Cal League stadia and the PCL Cashman Field in Las Vegas. I would not recommend afternoons in Fresno though, and their schedule tilts heavily toward night action.

Scouts behind the plate monitored Bobby Wilson's ABs the most intently (usually a good trade-talks indicator) along with Grizzly reliever Julio Mateo. The highlight (or lowlight) of the day was seeing a towering blast by Justin Leone off of Angel reliever Giancarlo Alvarado - after going 360 feet over the fence it bounced hard on the concrete of the Left-Centerfield Swimming Pool suite and flew OUT of the entire stadium, right over the CF turnstiles.

The Bees return to Fresno for four games beginning July 18.