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Flu Into Town

Panther of the Game: Joe Saunders


Before you bitch about Vlad swinging at the First Pitch, understand that in the inning we scored all those runs Torii and Quinlan both swung at the first pitch. Quinlan struck the same meatball in the middle of the plate that Torii hit into the stands. For Robb, it was a well-placed single into Left.

Maicer Izturis took one for the team and the ball ricocheted off of his shoulder to the ground sharply and straight up into AJ Pierzynski's ballsack. The Worm of Worms got a sympathy visit behind the plate from Venezuelan Alcoholic Ozzie Guillen, whose dictator kicks his people in the balls once a week whether they need Citgo or not. So thanks Maicer who hopefully has a green card to stay in Anaheim with his brother Mickey instead of going back to the Ozzfest in his native Mycountry...

Rounding out the festivities was the hundred-degree-fever-and-pitch-limit Joe Saunders getting a gurney call from Doctor Soth, who installed the Frankie heart attack plan, designed to raise your blood pressure and remind Angel fans fans that we are alive by almost killing us!