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Week 8 Results: Catchup Edition!

Yup. If you've been paying attention, you may have noted a lack of Postgame results... alas, that was coupled with my fun fun finals week and my desire to actually try and focus for once. Who woulda thunk.

So, this means that you've only seen one day's worth of results! How could you possibly know how you did. That means you DEFINITELY have to see more!

But I guess if you don't want to, here's this week's results:

May 20th Game
May 21st Game  (Ignore the wrong date)
May 22nd Game
May 23rd Game
May 24th Game  (That's today)

We got 3 new players to join the 97 players this week, bringing our grand total of HH players to 188. But if you actually want to find out where you stood... hit the jump for the rest.

Ayup yup. Lets just get to the meat.
No clever previews, just straight to le point. Since you've already come in here...

[ Week 8 results ]

[ Cumulative Results ]

New feature! You can see directly how you did (rank wise) last time in the "Point Order" view. Not too amazing, but its something new!

Yup yup. There it is. And be sure to check if there's anything wonky!