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...trying to make sense of it all...

Sometimes, trying to make sense of it all can only make it more confusing, but let's try, let's go down that path... We took 2 of 3 games from the White Sox in Chicago, who had previously won 8 straight. We took 2 of 3 from Toronto despite recent history cursing us in their dome.

On our 4-2 Road trip, both losses were by 1 run.

In Sunday's finale, we started three players who are batting under .180, two who were batting below .220 and one batting below .240. That is six players with a 2008 track record of making an out 3 out of 4 times at their very best.

Our leadoff hitter had been disabled and after one game back needed time off - four more games off so far. The 2Bman we were counting on to hit .330 had 50 ABs before getting hurt. Our great glove SS did the Toronto Turf Twist on his pinky finger.

And yet, we remain in 1st place, confident and secure enough in our depth that we do not even moan about the DL visits, do not even mention that Kelvim Escobar could possibly return.

It is like the cat toying with the mouse. We are heartlessly playing catch and release with the Oakland Athletics, allowing them a false confidence before we fire on all cylinders... I hope. Because to win games we gotta score runs no matter how astounding the pitching performances on top of pitching performances are...