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Angels Arms The Story

The Angels pitching staff has allowed 14 runs in its past 67 innings.

At the stadium on Monday the zeroes piled up for both sides, but the support of the crowd never waned. Disappointing Left-On-Base numbers didn't slow the fans down. By the time the 12th inning rolled around, there were about half as many people as the number listed on the jumbotron in the 8th (40K+). The dramatics, aka an anticlimatic fourth ball to Garret Anderson led to the only fireworks of the night - the scheduled Memorial Day Fireworks. Even though the Angels started the game early, at 6 PM, Disneyland's regularly scheduled pyrotechnics beat ours by over half an hour.

The Angels pitching staff has allowed 14 runs in its past 67 innings.

If we ever find some sticks in this haystack we are going to win 110 games. We have Wood substituting for Figgins and S-Rod covering for Howie (and Izzy semi-competing with Aybar in his absence) so that might be the answer to any owes all right there.

UPDATE: While I was at the game, looks like the action around here was pretty wild with almost 1500 posts in3 Game threads, NICE, and for the record I banned the Texas Ranger Fan who posted the video of Hitler (on Memorial Day, classy) in the game thread and sent him this message:

Posting pictures of Hitler on Memorial Day? You are a douchebag lowlife and banned from Halos Heaven.