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Tigers in Anaheim Tuesday Pregame

Last night at the stadium there was an obnoxious drunk with a Detroit hat (and an authentic Michigan state accent) and he was abandoned by his girlfriend and the other couple he came with as our whole section slowly ganged up on him. Usher to the stars Barbara scolded him and he made a cowering 6th inning exit. Meanwhile, a few rows up from Mister McStand-n-Stagger were two Tigers fans dressed in full jersey regalia, but with horrid furry striped ears and waving golden furry striped tiger tails. As cornball as they looked, they stood in the ovation for Jon Garland's excellent performance in as classy as a gesture as I would ever imagine from an opposing fan.

Like their fans, the Tigers are a mixed bag - and lucky for us Jeremy Bonderman is no Kenny Rogers - JB faces Ervin Santana at 7 PM tonight on FSN West.

Pregame Guesses: Name 3 Angel relievers (on the current 25-Man roster) who will NOT pitch in tonight's game.