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Rule 3 and High Expectations

In our right sidebar, I would like everyone to read RULE 3:

3. If you are Pessimistic, bitch once, then be funny or offer a solution. Don't bitch twice, it's alright.

IF - in the middle of a game thread - you try to sound like a statistical analyst and throw a hundred calculations up to show why Mike Scioscia should not have batted Jeff Mathis in the 9th inning of a tie game, guess what - NOBODY is going to read it. And if someone does read it and points out your lousy stat methodology, calling that person an idiot only means that you are the idiot. And there they are the fool and the fool who follows him not watching the game while we are watching the game.

IF - in the middle of a game thread - you remind us that despite his lifetime winning percentage and # of victories managing this team, that Mike Scioscia "sucks" ... you are entitled to your opinion and welcome to express it here ... ONCE.

IF you are negative about this team, pardon me for calling you a laughingstock bandwagoneer - oh, pardon me for turning the tables and getting negative about YOU oh enlightened basbeall analyst - you who cannot handle a 2 game lead in first, you who cannot handle the 2nd best record in baseball, you who cannot handle Frankie saving a game with anything less than a one-two-three inning.

  • News For You:
  • The Angels do not exist to meet your unrealistically high expectations.
  • the Angels do not exist to fulfill some imaginary self-narrative you have about your baseball analytical skills (the archiving nature of the internet shows nearly all of us to be barely .200 hitters in that department - although we bat 1.000 in the rationalizations field).
  • If Winning is just not good enough for some of you, maybe it is time to start a Tiger Woods blog. It takes guts to be a baseball fan and accept the human limitations of your team, your heroes and your fellow bloggers.