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Season 2/3 Beginning

Tonight is Opening Day for the middle-third of the season.

162 divided by 54 = 3, so pie slice #2 is about to begin.

Historically, by this point in the season, most teams who have the key injuries we have suffered are planning for next year and their fan base is composing the What-If-'N-Woe's-Us symphony. But we are on a pace to win 96 games. Can the Angels keep it up? Pythagoras says nope, but the depth and balance (some would say the extreme pendulum action) of our roster bode well for counterbalancing the lows with highs in other areas. Instead of the Vlad-only offense of 2005 and ERA gauntlet in 2007, this multi-dimensional 2008 squad has produced a startling consistency.

Startling, as in, as frustrating as many of these games have been I look at the standings and I'm startled, aren't you?