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Halos Heaven Vegas All Star Game Meet-Up

Monday July 14, Tuesday July 15, Wednesday July 16.

We got a great group rate at Fremont Street's VEGAS CLUB in Downtown Las Vegas - under the electric canopy. Halos Heaven is getting together for fun and festivities, watching the All-Star Game in a suite, prowling the legendary Vegas Strip, the bars and of course the low-end (penny slot) casinos as only a posse of baseball nuts protected by the power of the Panther can.

CALL TODAY at 1-800-634-6575, tell them you are with HALOS HEAVEN (reservation code LHH714) and you will get two nights (Mon. 7/14 and Tue. 7/15) at the VEGAS CLUB (the only sports-themed casino hotel in Las Vegas) for $25 a night. Here is a description of September's Meet-Up. Specific Itinerary will be posted closer to the event.

BUDGET: Room for 2: $50, Penny Slot tournament: $5, Greyhound Bus from OC/LA to Vegas round trip: $65, 3 buffet meals in Downtown: 3@ $11= $33. TOTAL COST for a three day, 2 night vacation: $153 plus whatever you spend on beer and gambling.