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Week 9: Walkoff Wins Galore!

3 wins this week... and all 3 of them were walkoffs!
How nifty. Alas, there was no walkoff win for this week's challenge.

We have a nice 2-way tie for first, and a 14-way tie for 3rd. Yikes! and 20 people tied after that. Nice and bunched up this time. I guess that'll happen when you average less than a point per game! (Except one, where everyone who guessed got a 3, huzzah.)

Iiiin any case, the people who top the list among the 98 people who came to entertain us this week (including 7 newbies), are names you are certainly familiar with. One much over the other, but if your'e an HH vet, you know both of them equally well.

But to see who these two toppers are, you're going to need to click this link

And to see how you stand overall, well... you're going to have to hit the jump.

No dramatics, just go ahead and look here

Yeah... that is all. woo woo. Say hi!