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Choose Your Angels TV Team

The Angels have mixed up the TV broadcasts this season, and we are far enough into it to have an educated opinion. Some good opinions have been expressed in the recent FanPost by angelfan_007, among many others.

Phyz and Hud bring passion and a commentary well-suited for the average joe who may not be as much of a baseball enthusiast as us here at HH. While this may not be as interesting to the vet'run baseball fan, they have the potential to bring more fans into baseball and the Angels.

Rory and Guby are a more complex team -- Rory's more traditional style is enhanced by his sharp wit, and Guby's thoughtful analysis gives fans a broader window into the gamesmanship going on in the minds of guys who appear, at face value, to be primarily concerned about adjusting their jocks.

So let's play front office for the Angels, because A) it looks like they are auditioning the two teams for the full-time gig next season, and B) one of the reasons HH exists is to indirectly tell the Angels what they REALLY should do. (And they listen, because I have proof that Mike Napoli knows one of his nicknames is Side Salad.)

Who should be the full-time core of the Angels' TV broadcasts?