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Week 11 Results: 11 and Fist Shakes!!

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Whaaat is going on! This last pregame picks were quite disappointing when I came around to it. You don't get to use conditionals in your pregame picks! That includes (but does not limit to) choices such as "whoever starts as Catcher" or "Player A or Player B, whichever is higher up in the order"

Pick yourself a name and stick with it*! Repeat.
Pick yourself a name and stick with it*!

Alright, now that that's out of the way, lets get to the meat of this story.
This week's points results.

Impressive showing this week in fact. There were a total of 6 people who tied up the top spot of 11 points. (Hey, it's week 11!) A whole bunch more tied with 10. And more for 9! To see where you stand in this cluster, click this link here .

And since you were so kind to read the above, you wont have to click another link to get to the link to see cumulative results. That, you can get right here .

Free click service. How nice is that. Now come and post and say hi.
And also if you want to know what that * was about above. Remember the line that you repeated?

Anywhoo... To another week of fun!

(* Though, you are allowed to change, PLEASE reply to that post if you do. Makes my life easier. Double entries screw with my end of the week compilation, and if your posts are separated enough, I can't catch it!)