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Chone Figgins: Angels Lifer?

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Chone Figgins has been back for 9 games. The Angels have gone 5-4 in that stretch. Figgy is a respectable 15 for 38 with 5 BB, 2 RBI and 5 runs scored (each run scored in separate games, there are no blow-out pile-ons here). His defense at 3rd has been just fine. While Vladimir Guerrero has reportedly been feeling healthier in the past few weeks, the return of Figgy has to be seen as something other than coincidental to Vlad’s recent power surge.

So, as we start to roll, and consider that our organizational depth at 3B has been revealed as Robb Quinlan and the not-ready for prime-time Brandon Wood, the Million Dollar question arises: Should the Angels attempt to re-sign Chone Figgins? He is a free agent His contract ends at the end of the year and it APPEARS that the Angels have him under club control for 2009. Since he is beginning to show a deeper value to the fabric of the team than many if us may have ever given him credit for (although he seems to be simply living up to the expectations Scioscia and company always have held), his agent will likely have the upper hand in any negotiations this off-season should the Angels attempt to avoid the open market bidding of free agency.

In an age when Juan Pierre gets $50 million over 5 years, what will it cost for the Angels to get Figgy with it? And... should they?