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Week 12 Results: No Meltdown here!

Hello. A bit late than usual, but blame that on my laptop that decided it didn't want power anymore, making me have to quickly evacuate all my files to my desktop. That was fun.

But enough of my troubles, lets get on to the results this week. I'm glad to announce that we hit our 200th unique player to our Halos Heaven Pregame Picks game (now at 203!). Were you one of the 4 new players who made your first pick this week? Well, if you did... take a look at the results and see if your name is highlighted in *green*. If it is, you're lucky number 200! (No extra prize though. Don't get greedy)

But aside from that lets see where you stood among those who participated this week! How? Simple. Click this link to see it. We have a single winner this week, in fact one of those who took the title last week as well!

And to see the cumulative results... go ahead and click this link! No need to hit the jump this week either. Aren't I nice. Don't forget, this does NOT include today's (6-22/#76) game. This is up to Saturday's game.

Now swing by and post something nice (no quibbling this time hopefully!)

Possible Future Features:
- Breakdown of points per game / attendance breakdowns.