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Blame of the Game: A long list from which to pick:


Saunders was flat, off his game, too rested and untested.

Speier choked it up with 2 outs when there were 6 outs to play with at only a 3-run deficit.

Aybar made a costly error, butt he did wreak his own havoc on our behalf on the basepaths.

Vlad grounded into what would prove to be a costly double play in the 1st inning - who knew then what we know now...

Torii, Quinlan, Kotchman, Mathis and most egregiously, Howie Kendrick all going hitless - Howie in the 2-hole...

I dunno, this one was terrible, weak and plays awful to the fan-base who have to answer to the ribbing of the San Fernando Mullets who are still living on Planet Garvey...

Blame of the Game: Vladimir Guerrero

Sure it was only a GIDP, but with this offense, one chance may be all you get and your failure in that situation gets magnified. And the name of that magnifying glass is BOTG.