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OVERFLOW: Billy Joe Bavasi Game Thread

A knuckleballer strikes out a batter, but the loose ball allows the K-victim to reach first base. With two outs and the bases loaded, to swing a the very first pitch following that situation (which you did, yielding a routine fly-out), a batter would either be:


Since Gary Matthews Jr. has played in the big leagues for quite some time, we can assume that he had the intellect necessary to acquire an above average baseball aptitude and that, therefore, he is not stupid. And that leaves us with Matthews being selfish. And that conclusion would explain a lot about his inability to contribute to this team - he is swinging for the statistical fences without the requisite contributions to the team's offensive output.

Gary: Evidence of your selfish chumpage is becoming more apparent. Do something about it - involve yourself in the pitch-to-pitch needs of your team or waive your no-trade clause and go somewhere else where these occasional glory-seeking ways produce your desired results.