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Superior Team Loses

We are now in First Place by 3.5 games over an overachieving amalgam of crafty trades and bandaged veterans - there is no threat, there is no second place team, our cakewalk continues.

We will win the division title handily whether or not we score more than one run in the next 40 games. There is no threat. We are the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, this division is our birthright and there is no team currently assembled that will deny us the American League pennant.

Big whoop, we lost a baseball game tonight. Well... Ooops... that is all. I am still pumped up by the fantastic squad of depth and focus assembled by Bill Stoneman and Tony Reagins and paid for by Arte Moreno. And you should be as well - it is a privilege to root for this historic assembly of baseball players.

That said, someone left a lot of men on base and popped out in situations where he is expected to crush the shyte.

Blame of the Game: Vladimir Guerrero