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MLB 2008 Player Draft Thread

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The Angels don't have a pick until deep into the 2nd round (74th overall) of today's amateur player draft, as Minnesota gets our 1st round pick (27th overall) for us signing Torii Hunter, so ...yawn.

The draft remains a terribly inexact science - just look at the laughable "analysis" on MLB's own LIVE DRAFT TRACKER writeups...

  • ...though it's unlikely he'll play anything but first as a pro...
  • How high he gets drafted depends on how highly people project what he can become.
  • At first glance, he doesn't stand out. But then you watch him play for a little and can't help but be impressed.

NOTE: Those are NOT blog comments, those are MLB's paid writers discussing top picks. Really! ... In the draft order, the Angels have the 105th and 139th picks, plus a supplemental Post-Round 3 pick at #112 for being stiffed by last year's Matt Harvey selection.

ANGELS PICK #1: High School RHP Tyler Chatwood - Myspace Scouting Report

ANGELS PICK #2: Junior College RHP Ryan Chaffee - Ryan's FaceBook Page

ANGELS PICK #3: High School OF Zachary Cone - A Trojan-Lovin' MySpacer!!

ANGELS PICK # 4: Junior College LHP Jeffrey Boshers - Goes by the name of "Buddy" on MySpace

ANGELS PICK # 5: High School OF Khiry Cooper - Dude is already posing on his MySpace page with an Angels hat (scroll down left column, 2nd photo, presumably with his mom there). He is also the first member of the Angels organization born in the 1990s (1-16-90).

ANGELS PICK #6: High School OF Joshua Blanco - Pick # 199 in the draft.

The depressing LINK -TO- THE history of the Angels' 1st Round picks.