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Week 10 Results: Perfection GET!

Yup, paint the week with a nice bright halo because we managed to chalk up a W each and every day! (Well, one day off... but it doesn't sound as nice any other way)

And impressively, one person was able to shine bright amongst the fellow 98 HH players who partook in the festivities this week. Only 2 new folk came in and joined us, but... it was a nice outing...

The winner this week has his name have a connection to one of the states in the good ol' US of A. Can you figure it out with just that hint??

Really? You can't... well, go ahead and just click this link to see the results for this week!

After you see that... I'm sure you'd want to see where you stand amongst the 195 people who have played this game at least once... Hey! We're almost at 200! Wonder who that lucky player will be!

Hit the jump to see where you stand!

Don't Forget To Make Your PREGAME PICKS for the next game BELOW!
Start your week off to the HH game right!

Ok. Now you can look. Where do you stand?? Find out!

Yup. And now that I'm free from classes and such, feel free to comment on any improvements/suggestions/gripes...