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Week 15: What? 7 days?!

Hope you noticed that this was the first time in a while we played all 7 days of the week! In fact, it's the first time in a while we played on THURSDAY... they goto be quite boring days, didn't they?

What else is new? I actually had something else, but I absolutely forgot it by now.... curses. Oh well, in random stats news, due to the upcoming ASG, the fact i got another powercord to my laptop, and that the 6 hr drive back down to SoCal is a drag... the ppg statistic will be worked on! And maybe whatever other sadistic stat I can come up with.

But right. Your results, with a solo winner for this full week, can be found here.

And should you want to see where you stand in the grand scale of HH... click here.

Playing statistics: 106(+5)/225

Don't forget to take a look at the Vegas Itinerary if it applies to you, and more importantly the NEXT DAY'S Pregame Picks!! Don't start the ASG week with an 'x'


Oh. That thing I forgot? I remember now! For the last two weeks, the min score was 1. Alas, we hit 0 this week. Boo.