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Frankie's Emotions

Apparently the Oakland A's are a bit offended by Francisco Rodriguez's show of emotion -- particularly following the last out of the game yesterday. Here's how Jack Cust describes it:

"I don't think he's got too many fans in this clubhouse."

There are a few things we know: First, Frankie is a super-emotional guy -- so much so that there were a couple of years there when, in a bad inning, it seemed like you could see his mind dissolving into mush before your eyes. Second, in baseball you do not show up anybody, unless you enjoy beanball wars. Third, baseball players take themselves way too seriously.

So when does the show of emotion come off like rubbing it in? I think it depends on your point of view: obviously most A's fans are going to be offended, whereas most Halos fans are going to point to K-Rod's emotion being an integral part of his game. But I think history will see Frankie's outbursts being more about him than about sticking it in the face of his opponents. He'll be regarded as another colorful (if controversial) character in the game.

What do YOU think? We will play "Cool or Lame?" in the poll (probably to be stuffed by angry AN trolls), but feel free to qualify your answer in the comments.