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ASB Random Statistics!

Hello there fellow HHers. Hope the Homerun Derby was exciting to watch (... well, I guess the end was a bit of a letdown...) But nonetheless, I bring you with a present... to make the people happy with some random stats to play around with.

On my trip down from Berk, I wrote up a program to tabulate attendance (in terms of Pregame Picks Participation) and cross reference it with your latest cumulative results [Read: Sunday's games are NOT included]. Giving you a PPG ratio. This ratio could be utilized as WHIP is I guess... (yes, I will give myself that much credit!)

Page 1 lists everyone in NAME order.
Page 2 lists everyone in PPG order. Of course, playing less games will push you up in the ratings and I've also pruned those who have NOT played at least 20 games. I used a (very) arbitrary rating scale of stars. Every 20 games played earns you an extra star.
Page 3 lists everyone in STAR order, followed by PPG order in your respective ranking.

Play around as you wish, or not at all. So have fun!

And if anyone would be so kind to help me out and tell me what time is good to getting to a game and seeing some batting practice (and where the best place to view 'em) would be would be nice! [Planning for the Monday 7:05p game]