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Viva (?)

Completely worn out from the first night of the HH All-Star Vegas Meetup. Highlight was Pattimelt winning like $500 on the slots, Northwest winning the Blackjack tournament at the Western Casino where sitting next to him a 65-year old appearing (but more likely a hard 45) gambling addict woman screamed that she was getting sober, could someone please hurry up with her double brandy ..."I cannot stand to ever be sober again!!!" she hollered... two guys getting into a fight about re-signing Frankie and coming to blows and both leaving (I still have one's sunglasses), a homeless guy cracking someone's aces in the poker room at the Nugget... Look I am at a Kinko's south of downtown trying to wake up. Missus Halofan is checking her email and then it is on to Day 2.