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In April, who would have taken a bet that on the 4th of July, Frankie would have more saves than the Mariners had wins?


Okay it is great to have a vibrant community with people contributing, but if your contribution is a link to a story or a thought under 75 words, PLEASE post it in the FANSHOTS section - these pictures, links, videos and slogans all have a great shot at being promoted to the front page - and they can be viewed in the Right Sidebar FANSHOTS section, but please reserve FANPOSTS for essays and opinions of the paragraph or more variety. The last thing in the world I want to do is delete your FANSPOSTS, but after three "Quinlan for Holliday" FanPosts linking to the same tired Ken Rosenthal fantasy, look, it is a bit much.

I have to ask that you make sure you are bringing something new, exciting and original to the site when you create a FanPost or FanShot. If you do, you will become a valued member of the Halos Heaven community We are, after all, the only Angels blog that fosters community by welcoming differing opinions. We are the only Angels blog where anyone of our 800+ registered members have a chance to have their opinions and information immediately promoted to the front page. We want diversity here, we never  bully Angel fans into conformity to trendy opinions.