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Week 16: 3 days? Still a Week!

Yeeks its late. But I must still put this up.

Anywhoo, I've been working on a few programs to help me out, and I'm here to say starting this week I'm going to be using them... And luckily since this week only involved 3 games, it wasn't too hard to check the work... but I'd implore you to double check yourselves... it's just safer that way.

Cutting straight to the chase:
Week 16 Results
Cumulative Results up to 16
Attendance updates will come every 3 weeks... lets say.

Yup, that's all. Don't forget to read below and Make your Pregame Picks!
Let's end this series with a sweep! And start your week with a 3!

... 3's seem to be popular in this post...

3:57 am...