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Executive Suite

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I have season seats in Centerfield. I take these binoculars to every game. They are for planet watching, so they are good for spotting things. Little things. Sharp line drive foul ball hits a fan in the skull - I can lip read the guy waving for the usher. Drunk in a stand starts a fight, I can watch the staggering swings make impact.

So I watched the action across the field, above the diamond club, over at Arte's suite tonight. I watch a little bit of what is going on over there during every game. He holds his wife's hand when they eat if they are alone at the beginning of the game. He has guests who are usually consumed with the spectacle of the diamond from the front row vantage point as he chats with various Angels personnel in the spacious digs behind that VIP set of seats.

Tonight was a bit different up there relative to what I have seen in any game before, and since it is July, near the trade deadline, I thought I would share with you what I saw. Assistant GM Ken Forsch and Arte were off to the side of the owner's box for a few innings up to the end of the game. It is rare for Forsch to be in Arte's box, ever. The conversation between the two was ongoing and animated, hand gestures of explication throughout. It was friendly, upbeat, but appeared intensive.

Next to Arte's box is a small viewing area with two rows of seats where the front office watches every game. Tony Reagins now occupies Bill Stoneman's laptopped chair in the far right of the 2nd row. Ken Forsch usually sits in front of him. Reagins did not seem to be enjoying the game (and neither was anyone but the smattering of Cleveland fans, which is what led to my deep study of "Casa Moreno" in the first place). TR had his head in his hands as if he had a migraine, or perhaps, the weight of the future of the franchise on his shoulders ... if I may speculate a little here... Forsch and Arte talking... animated in July... Reagins looking weary beyond tonight's game... okay, now YOU speculate...