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Week 17: More Runs = More Points?

Well, what's the correlation huh? What is the HHPAHR ratio? (That's Halos Heavens Points - Actual Halos Runs for those not in the know) Well. If you want to know the answer... you can look at it later. But first, we get through this week's results!

A max of 14 out of 18 was achieved this week. Which was also shared by 3 people... Also added this week is a plain text version of this week's results, which is the raw result from my program... and I recall someone saying they had problems looking at some of the results... so there you go!

This Week: [Charted Goodness] [txt-file]
Cumulative: [Click Me]

This Week's Updated Player Stats
Newly Added Members: 3
Num Played This Week: 95
Total HH Players: 227

* Don't forget, this is a new system... if you find an error report it RIGHT AWAY!
* Make your PREGAME PICKS BELOW. Start off that week with bang and not an x!

* Any suggestions / complaints / praises / throwing of items onto the field of play are encouraged in this thread.

HHPAHR? Don't be silly... I'm not that bored...