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Week 14: Second Half Begins!

Dang. Just a few minutes too late to make this an official Saturday upload... close enough though. Better than the last few weeks... In any case, this week was a points bonanza. A handful of people were able to steal the top spot by getting 15 points. That's out of a total of 18!!! Basically you need to have played all 6 days this week to even have a chance! Yowzers.

See where you stood this week by clicking here.

And then check out the complete standings here. Red for the top 5, Blue for the top 10, and Green for the top 20. Exciting coloriffic fun. Also remember that the first 13 weeks have been contracted into a singular "1st Half" column. If you want to see the specifics, search for my Week 13 entry!

Population statistical fact: +6 new kids to make 219 HH members playing this game, of which 106 played this week.

Don't Forget to Make your Pregame Picks for the Next Game Below!!
Start off Week 15 with a bang!