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Angels at 2/3 Season Mark

Would ya believe 68-40?

Tonight was Game #108. With 54 left we have now completed 2/3 of the 2008 season.

This was just the best damn July, with only 6 losses, so the boost to analyzing the team as a whole improves relative to if we had simply duplicated June's good but not great results. Nobody seems to want to fire Mickey Hatcher at the moment...

The Angels are 28 games over 500, they have the best record in Major League Baseball, they have their biggest lead in franchise history. Other than an amazing season by Frankie Rodriguez, the Angels have no player that is carrying them on his shoulders in a particular department - the depth we raved about in Spring Training has been the story.

GMJ tanking? Juan Rivera appears with the power stroke.

Vlad subpar? Torii is nearing 20 HR.

Escobar shelved? Saunders and Santana make the All-Star Team.

Speier sucking? Arredondo appears on the horizon, ready for the 7th inning role.

Figgins and Howie hurt early? Aybar and Izturis help us tread water.

Napoli on the DL? Mathis rakes.

O'Day shaky tonight? there is always Bulger and Moseley to walk the league-average line.


WE NOT ONLY SURVIVED THESE CHALLENGES, WE HAVE THRIVED DESPITE THEM... and made new discoveries of who can and will contribute when called upon.

Time to move into 3rd gear? Tony Reagins pulls the trigger for La Freire Teix.

If this team stays healthy, it will remain the best team in 2008.

End of Analysis. Enjoy the rest of this special season.