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Bump in the Road?

Despite heavily-ingrained Angels folklore to the contrary, losing shortstop Gary DiSarcina in August of 1995 did not sink the '95 Angels.

Although 1995 was the single above-average season in suckworthy Gary's career (and Dipshit DeeSar was born and remains a Chowd on top of it all so save your mancrushes at least for someone with loyalty to this franchise), the 95 Angels' pitching was thin, the power hitting waned down the road and idiot GM Bill Bavasi did nothing to help the team at the trade deadline, probably shackled by unimaginative cheapskate Jackie Autry.

The Angels last lost 2 in a row on July 8 and 9 to Texas, one of the losses being a blown save for Frankie. They lost 3 in a row on June 25-28, after having won 5 straigh interleague on the road, they lost Game 3 of their Nationals series and the 1st 2 games of their series at Dodger Stadium, the first game there being the infamous WeaverDondo no-hitter.

So losing shortstop Maicer Izturis this August will not curse this year's team. But a little Brandon Wood at Short might be a sweet September treat.