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Giddyup GIDP

Yes, the Ground Into Double Plays are hurting the team. On the face of it, it seems that the Angel GIDdyuP whenever they face a lefty. Perhaps they GIDP in innings following Jack in the Box commercials. The removal of Gary Matthews Jr. from everyday play was supposed to be a cure for this problem, but lately, the Angels offense has brought back the funk.

For all of the talk about the complexity of Mike Scioscia's offensive approach, he has been quite reticent to send runners on Stolen Base missions. I am not suggesting that Juan Rivera be green-lighted to take on Rickey Henderson, but the clogged artery basepaths are creating an offensive heart attack.

This might be the first time all season that I actually miss Orlando "Hit and Run" Cabrera, as it seems the Soth is managing for station-to-station slap hitting with a little first-to-third ass-wiggling to get Tim McCarver's attention.

At the risk of sounding like a boring statistical analyst I will state, and sorry if I talk over anyone's heads here with the new language of baseball analysis, but... Running often should NOT be the nutmeg on Scioscia's Oatmeal Cookies. It should be the damn oatmeal.