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Week 20: USA! USA! USA!

*waves flag* WOOOOOO. 8/8!! Perfection. Wasn't that a beaut. If you didn't watch it, what is wrong with you? History folks. That's history. Gotta love it. (And lol @ Bolt in the 100 sprint.)

Alright. Now that that's out of the system, lets get the details for this shorter week (2 days off?! what??)

[Week 20] [Cumulative]

New Random info in Cumulative results, on the very right in the SCORE RANK only, you can see your 1st half Rank, 2nd half points, 2nd half rank. Might be a bit too much info coming up, but I figure more information is better than less!

[PPG Sheet]

All games are included here. I found 1 mistake in one game sheet, though most mistakes were listed as an "x" when it should've been a 0 except 1 person. That extra point hasn't been transfered yet, but it will be in due time. Anyway, take a look at your PPG rate. At the bottom you can see how many points were scored per game. Look on the 2nd page to see how your PPG ranks with others.

As with last time, there is a minimum set. 25 games played to get a PPG rank.
50 for level 2, 75 for lvl 3, 90 for lvl 4, 105 for lvl 5. Levels are absolutely arbitrary and just sounded nice for me.

Make sure you make your pregame picks for tomorrow's game below!