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Serving it up on a Silver Shield

Blame of the Game: Scot Shields

Scot Shields served this game up; the Rays did not win as much as we lost it, choke style, with an assist from Jeff "Just Worthless" Mathis.

Hey, we are back to being the Angels who always lose in the first round of the playoffs, mid-season overachievers who cannot really handle the rigors of a 162-game season.

Maybe this is better than being the 1995 Angels and maybe it is a less painful way of avoidance in not being the 1986 Angels, but if Mike Scioscia does not bench Figgins and Kendrick and Mathis for at least a game (or two) we could become the grinded-into-the-ground 1964 Phillies, and Mike Scioscia, you are better than Gene Mauch, really.

And for you jaded season ticket holders look at the bright side, our coming quick first-round exit means a cap on what Arte Moreno can let John Carpino raise your ticket prices to - nobody is going to let a loser stick it to them!