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AL West Update

With the Angels 15.5 games ahead in the AL West race, many fans are losing sight of teams they would ordinarily follow. Here is a quick update on our three shamefully pathetic division rivals:

TEXAS - Vicente Padilla and Warner Madrigal each surrendered 5 runs as the Tigers came back in Arlington and won 11-3 tonight, reducing the Angels Magic Number to 22.


OAKLAND - The big trade of Harden and Gaudin for Sean "Cy Young" Gallagher bit the Athletics in the A'ss tonight, as Young Mister Sean Ugly allowed 10 earned runs in 5 innings pitched to the Minnesota Twins.

SEATTLE - Oh yeah, keep twisting the numbers Mariner fans, your team is better than ours, ha ha ha. The team that ESPN nincompoop Steve Phillips picked to win the division STILL has fewer victories than Francisco Rodriguez has saves, losing to the White Sox today 5-0.