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Week 18: Goodbye July, Hello August?

Will August be as attractive as July? That would be quite an impressive feat...

Since I've been on a programming binge, I thought I'd go through the old games and see wehther or not I've made a few mistakes...and lo and behold, it looks like 79 of you are going to earn a few more points ... and unfortunately 1 person may losing a point.. Well, I should trust in myself a bit more. Some values were shifted due to me not accounting for those 2 games that got lost earlier this year, so I doubled up points (thus the massive amount of people who would be gaining points). In reality it's only 2 people who gained points: Yetijuice +2, lightupthehalo +1; and 1 who lost points: HaloDutch -1. Hope you weren't expecting too much :P

Though, these values are not reflected on the results yet, I'm going to double check where exactly the problem was [on quick look, it seems i didn't pull down the transfer info long enough, so sometime in the earlier games if you were one of the last ones to put in a bid, you did not get tallied... this information will be updated before I go to sleep (you'll see an update)] Since noone seems to have complained about the program compiling the last two week... I figure it should be ok right? (I mean, everyone checks their own scores right? *cough*)

Anywhoo, we'll take a look at this week's results first!
[This Week] [Cumulative]

Newly Added Members:   5
Num Played This Week:  102
Total HH Players:      232

There ya go! Comment away and such.

Make your picks for the next game below!