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Week 21 - or - A Q Joins the Battle! [FIXED]

Hey. Welcome to the 21st Results post. It's the last one that takes place while the Olympic torch is lit for a while. So cherish this moment.

... ok. That's enough. And in random interesting facts, we finally got our first "Q" user to play a game! We almost have enough people to make our own "Learn your ABCs with Halos Heaven members" book! 3 people joined this week, making a nice 94 people who played at least once this week. Pushing our Member-playing total to 245.

Now to get to the meat.

[Week 21] [Fixed]
[Cumulative] [Fixed] ** Note: The 2nd Page with the PPG is not updated, too late to fix that now though. Heh. **
[Attendance] [Fixed]

So... take a look, and then go ahead an post how awesome you're doing too.