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Save Record Broken ; Weekly Points Record Broken

Panther of the Game: Francisco Rodriguez

What a week this has been for us Angels fans... We clinch the ALWest after the so-called-experts decided to forgo our excellence and instead place them on the 2nd place 3rd place last place Mariners. And now, we are able to witness the breaking of the Saves record by our very own Francisco "K-rod" Rodriguez... What a week. Live it up! This is an awesome record to have. An awesome week to have. A unique week. A unique peak week piqued.

But, hey... we got our own record broken here on HH. This week was also amazing to two of our HH PGG players... In a week of 22 possible points, 2 people were able to rack up 17 points. That's a record! Amazing work... nothing compared to Mr.57, but well... this is no ha-haing matter. It's still something... err, well maybe not... 

Regardless, to see how you did click the following links
[ Week 24 ]
[ Cumulative ]
[ Attendance ]

Just as the Angels have some more games to deal with, there are still more games to play here. (Actually, its exactly the same... cool how that worked out...) So make sure you make your picks for the next game below!