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Angels Sweep Caps 6-1 Historic Homestand

The Angels just completed the greatest regular season homestand in club history. They went 6-1 and had more highlights in a week than some Angel teams have had in a whole year:

We won a close game in Chicago last Sunday afternoon and then we got on a plane...

Monday night against New York we blow out the Yankees and clear the benches in a brawl. A glorious brawl that actually gets Torii Hunter some much needed rest. We win 13-1, Jon Garland is nails after the 1st inning and Wood hits two homers.

Tuesday, we keep it close, but Ervin Santana lets Alex Rodriguez get a hold of one. A reality check. Big whoop.

Wednesday we win 4-2 in dramatic fashion as Dustin Moseley holds down the Yankees and Robb Quinlan clears the bases. An hour after the game Texas loses in Seattle and Jose Arredondo soaks the remaining with the hose.

Our 7th Western Division title is the earliest clinch in AL West history.

On Thursday night we don the Red White and Blue caps and beat Seattle, Francisco Rodriguez tying the all-time saves record with his 57th save.

On Friday, Mike Napoli hits a walk-off homer in the bottom of the 9th.

On Saturday, Frankie sets the record. Baseball history. Bobby Thigpen sends a note of congratulations.

On Sunday we sweep the Mariners with a Sean-Chone walk-off win in the bottom of the 9th courtesy of Sean Rodriguez and Chone Figgins. Frankie does not get a save, but he does not need one to be ahead of Mariner season victories.

I saw “WE” because Angels fans feel as if they are part of this team. This is a very special team. We could not have scripted it any better nor likely imagined it ahead of time.

This was the final scheduled offday of the 2008 season, but the Angels have assured themselves of a 2-day break on the 29th and 30th of September.  Until then it is rest and win, aiming for the best record in baseball. Two weeks from Wednesday, though, it is play ball for keeps.