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Angels Lose Rare Lackey in Oakland Start

Blame of the Game: John Lackey

wow. bad. If this had been an actual pennant race there would have been smashed television sets throughout Southern California. Of course, if this had been an actual pennant race, the Salt Lake Bees would not have been the starting lineup this late in the season.

A few good things like Kendry's HR and Aybar's return balance with a Bulger meltdown, a Lackey going thru the nibbling motions (unless he is imitating Weaver's pitch count intensity) and a sonambulist offense.

When Lackey faltered I sort of offered this game up to the baseball gods, saying "We may need a Lackey start in Oakland in 2009 or 2010 to be flawless and if we are to lose this one now as a deposit in the bank of regression, so be the depositors"... Funny how a little prayer now and then go a long, long way. But if only my prayers to win in Vegas were answered so quickly...