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Panther of the Game: Joe Saunders

Joe was in and out of trouble all day with leadoff baserunners - but shutting any team out thru 7 is nice, even if they are only Sacramento Rivercat remnants facing our beloved mostly Salt Lake Bees squad. SIXTEEN Wins is sweet for every Angel fan (except the less-endowed ones who haggle about "measurements").

Robb Quinlan and Gary Matthews Jr solidified their chances of spending October in their uniforms while Jason Bulger certainly did not. The BIG THREE back-to-back-to back homers of Kendry-Napoli-Woody were just delicious icing insurance on the cake of all Western Division cakes: defeating Oakland in the season series. That was at least until the Battle of the Bulge-y-Dondo brought in Frankie with the bases loaded to unexpectedly get his world-leading FIFTY NINTH save of the season, despite being terribly squeezed by the home plate umpire.