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Angels and Rangers combine for 28 Runs, 27 Outs Twice

Panther of the Game: Mike Napoli

For the 2nd game in a row, the Angels served up a nominee for Victory-With-Least-Pride. The chances of Jon Garland making a postseason start - at least in the ALDS were likely diminished tonight. Oh well, the Soth can take his time deciding that although it will not seem to be as long as Garland takes in between pitches.

Speaking of the postseason, we are still ahead in the battle for home-field advantage and even better than that, one has to assume that the 4 American League clubs in contention for the 3 remaining post-season spots also have the aches, pains and strains that the Angel are once again nursing down the September stretch...


94 - 59 (2008 with 9 games left to play)

94 - 68 (2007)

95 - 67 (2005)

99 - 63 (2002)