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Panther of the Game: Torii Hunter


I prepared this WIN pic in Juy and the bullpen has been blowing the Saunders starts when he has not been sucking and tonight, Joe was SHIELDED again, but I am going to unleash the Colonel anyway on a night when T-Shortage gets the win that should be Joe's, Torii and Arredondo can fight for the Panther and Francisco Rodriguez becomes only the 4th man in baseball history to record a 54th save in a season, sole possession of 4th Place on the all-time Single Season Saves list.

The game was a hot potato, frankly, one that each team tossed back and forth an umpteen number of times in the hopes of cooling down something that was too overheated too handle - along with some balls that dropped into bizarre Bermuda (grass) triangles, screaming liners licking chalk and terrible bounces of infield luck no human could be expected to handle, let alone precisely juggle toward the correct teammate.

It was not a cheapy, but it was a sloppy Joe sundae and Saunders, still stuck at 14 wins, waits for his 2008 Quinceañera for yet another four games...

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