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* * * Week 26: FINAL RESULTS! * * *

We got that fabled 100th win.
We have home field advantage.
We have our opponent for the postseason. (Yer Goin' Down Red Sox!)
And we have our winner for the regular season HH Games!

And that winner issss... [ goodvibe61 ]
Congratulations! Click our champion's name to see where YOU ranked in this game.
There is an extra page which breaks down your rankings by Half. (Yes, there were details in the ranking page, but now your point breakdowns are ranked by their respective halves)

Here is how the last week of play went down as well: [ Week 26 ]

And our final [ ATTENDANCE ]* sheet can be seen too! WOW!
Congratulations to 44FAN who participated in EVERY game! That's an amazing feat. The Iron Man award goes to you! [160 is max, since there were those 2 games early in the season that went kapoof]

Once again, a thanks to each and every one of you who came out and played this game with us for the regular season! It definitely made this blog just a little bit more exciting and fun than it already is.

Now. Let's go get that ring! Off to the postseason!!

* There is something I would like to note. You may see some players on the left who are highlighted in yellow. This means there was an inconsistency somewhere... and something wasn't transfered right. I went back to Wk20 (which was the first week I did the attendance sheet, and was only able to find a mistake on my score [yes yes, how convenient]. If I have time later I might try and find out where I missed out on a few points, but don't count on it.