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Over The Monster's Randy Booth

Time to find out a little about the Red Sox from their SBN blogger, Randy Booth. His Over The Monster blog covers the Boston 9 365 days a year.

Rev Halofan, Halos Heaven: Other than a .357 magnum, is there a way to get Dustin Pedroia out?
Randy Booth, Over The Monster: Doesn't look like it. He has been able to hit everything at any spot over the plate. He's been hot the entire season and the Angels might get lucky if that hot streak ends come October.

RHF, HH: I assume an aching Mike Lowell will be replaced at 3B by Kevin Youkilis with Sean Casey taking over at 1B - what to the Red Sox lose / gain with this configuration?

RB, OTM: It's more loss than gain. Sean Casey is a solid ballplayer, but he isn't the player Mike Lowell is. Youkilis, also, is a much better defender at third base. If Youkilis and Casey is the combo at the corners, then the defense is the obvious concern. Offensively, Casey is solid but not as good as a healthy Lowell. However, bad news for Angels fans: both J.D. Drew and Lowell practiced and could start Wednesday's game.

RHF, HH:. Who do you take for Game 3 if Beckett cannot start and why?
RB, OTM: It has to be Tim Wakefield. Wakefield is hit or miss, but he is a big game pitcher. Paul Byrd has been solid since coming over from the Tribe, but I'd rather see Wakefield in that situation. Even if Wakefield is having an average day with the knuckleball, it still be good enough. If Wakefield faulters early though, Byrd would most likely see action.

HH: The bridge to Papelbon seems to be Boston's weakest link, which middle relievers are you the most comfortable seeing in the game to hold a tie game or to protect a 1-run lead?
OTM: Justin Masterson will prove to be an excellent set-up man once the playoffs start. Hideki Okajima and Manny Delcarmen finished the season solid, so those three will be the ones to get the ball. A combination of those three should be sufficient in bridging to Jonathan Papelbon (who hasn't pitched well as of late). I'd probably be more willing to give the ball to Okajima or Delcarmen, but Masterson is very close behind.

HH: Since Pink Hat Nation will have bought up all the Fenway Park (pardon me, "Pahhk") seats and transplant college kids will be at all the sports bars (pardon me, "Spots Bahhs"), where do die-hard Red Sox fans get together to watch the game?
OTM: Doesn't matter where because Red Sox Nation is everywhere (what, Halos fans don't like that answer?) But honestly, just like other baseball fans (yes, that's true, we aren't aliens here in New England) it's all about being with other fans and watching the best game on Earth. For me personally, if the Sox make it back to the World Series I could be watching them in the land of baseball purgatory: Kansas City. Eww.

Well Randy, I hope your visit to Kansas City includes an Angels World Series victory.