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Around the Halosphere

I am pumped abut the postseason, and I know that YOU are pumped about the postseason, but is the Halosphere pumped about the postseason?

On John Lackey's Blog, he is pumped!

With his John McCain book now available in paperback, MATT WELCH has his playoff predictions and they will warm your heart. He is pumped.

Rob McMillin is so pumped about the playoffs at his 6-4-2 BLOG that he is liveblogging White Sox elimination games.

Is Chone Smith at ALL THE WAY pumped? Nah, he is crunching numbers about the relative strength of the AL over the NL.

Is Megan at Angelblog pumped? She is still focused on dissecting Sunday's 100th win.

At the MVN Blog they are still analyzing the 2008 season with a great "Top Ten Moments" essay.

John at the CHRONICLES blog takes Mickey Hatcher's yammering about walking more to statistical task. The numbers do not lie!

The Angelfans Flickr Pool has a great shot of the crowd at the fireworking moment of victory! They seem pumped!

Stephen Smith at FUTURE ANGELS got a shot of Jered Weaver pitching in the instructional league on Sunday. He will be fresh out of the bullpen if needed in this series. Jered, not Stephen Smith.

Is Gilbert Quiñonez pumped? Oh hell yeah, but scroll down and check it out, not only is he pumped about the playoffs, last week he was pumped about Arte lowering ticket prices for the View level to $3 for the final weekend series.

Over at The HALO is LIT, Jim has cut his ex-girlfriend comments down to the bare minimum and ratcheted up the detailed analysis of how the Angels match up, position-by-position, with the American League Wild Card team.

Is Marcus at IN-PLAY-NO-OUTS blog pumped? He wants a healthy Josh Beckett so that the Angels can claim a PURE, SUPERIOR victory over Chowds who will then not have excuses. He is stuck in Boston (Marcus, not Josh Beckett) but may be attending Game 3 at Fenway Pahk.

Meanwhile, L.A. SEITZ is still gloating abut Frankie's save totals trumping the Mariners' win totals... but essay or no essay on the playoffs, you gotta think of anybody on Earth, Bill Seitz is pumped about the Angels in the postseason.

The 2008 STAT LEADERS and Angel rankings therein are up at One can assume anyone willing to infringe on a team's legacy trademark for their website name is pumped about these playoffs.

The Halosphere seems suitably pumped for the 2008 ALDS!