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Halosphere Housecleaning

OKAY folks, we have a guy named Wood, Dick Wood in fact, on our team. We have a guy named Bulger. If you make posts that sound like Beavis and Butthead, you're not long for this site. And if you whine like a little bitch when someone tells you to knock it off, you're pretty much gone for actually being that little whiny beyotch.

Please keep it funny and fun but keep it with an i.q. way above a twelve-year-old wank-off, please.

NEXT: Will someone who is managing a team in HALOSPHERE FANTASY LEAGUE please write up what a great season "The Mighty Reverends" and other Angel bloggers are having.

NEXT: There are two new blogs in the Halosphere, IN PLAY, NO OUTS which also covers other sports but is hardcore Angels brought to you by Marcus who posts here almost every day.

And Jim Gardner has an excellent Angels blog THE HALO IS LIT that has some in-depth numbers crunching along with good fan analysis and interviews with, well, ME (Part ONE and PART TWO) as well as with Tim Dierkes from MLB TradeRumors .com. The best feature of the site is that when you scroll over the "Halo" in the bog's masthead, it clicks off and then when you scroll away you literally "light up the halo!"

NEXT: The Salt Lake Bees have been eliminated from the playoffs, but our Low-A Cedar Rapids Kernels are still battling and our AA Arkansas Travelers are still in the hunt for a championship. How do I know this? I check Rob McMillin's 6-4-2 Blog Minor League Section every day and so should you!

ALRIGHT: The magic number is three and as Multiplication Rock taught me...