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Rickey and Rice to Cooperstown

Rickey deserved it.

Rice did not. Had he played for a scattering of teams ala Andre Dawson, Rice might not have even remained on the ballot this long. The late-'90s surge in contemporary Red Sox nostalgia on the way to the team building a new dynasty has imbued revisionist history toward Jim Rice, a figure who was actually reviled by the racist Boston faithful as a groundout-double-play specialist.

John Henry has his ways of buying lore that are darker and more insidious than Steinbrenner ever imagined.

This is a crappy day in the history of baseball - the playing field is not level. Maybe it never was but the fact was just confirmed live on MLB TV.

2010 Ballot RETURNING: (with '09 % of Vote - 75% needed for election)

Andre Dawson - (67.0%)
Bert Blyleven - (62.7%)
Lee Smith - (44.5%)
Jack Morris - (44.0%)
Tim Raines - (22.6%)
Mark McGwire - (21.9%)
Alan Trammell - (17.4%)
Dave Parker - (15.0%)
Don Mattingly - (11.9%)
Dale Murphy (11.5%)
Harold Baines - (5.9%)

2010 Ballot NEW:

Roberto Alomar
Andres Galarraga
Pat Hentgen
Mike Jackson
Eric Karros
Barry Larkin
Edgar Martinez
Fred McGriff
David Segui
Robin Ventura
Todd Zeile