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My Lingering Fear: Ranger Manny Ramirez

I got a little scaredy pants vision for the Halo faithful: Manny Ramirez signing with the Rangers.

No sources, no rumors, just stone cold fear rustling out there beyond where I can see, beyond where you can hear, beyond any smell the hounds can pick up. We know he is out there. We know they are out there. they haven't scared us in a long, long time. But if the two of them meet, out there, in the dead of winter, both of them alone and in need of strength...

Well, it would be a match made in the darkness, and with the Ranger farm system about ready to give birth to cheap major league prospects, well, three whole seasons of Midwife Manny could cramp the L.A. of Anaheim solo style with which we have topped off this division four out of the last five seasons.

I've got all the faith a man needs, but I'm stll afeared of what is still out there and how it could all get together to put out the campfire well before sunrise...